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Yvette Edward - Hobart - 100km Women's Training Roadie

As part of Specialized Womens Ride Month (WRM), Specialized Women's ambassador Yvette will be taking a 4 hour training ride during the day. Route TBD but this will be a training opportunity for those doing the Peaks Challenge event 3 and 1/2 weeks out to ride with me. I have done the Peaks challenge the last 2 years. Last year I did the Challenge as a Bicylce Network 10 hour pacer and got under 10 hours. Not doing the Peaks Challenge but are training for another endurance ride or would love to join me for a long ride? No worries. Anyone is welcome however you will need to be an intermediate to advanced rider capable of doing around 100km (average speed of 25km/hr). So join me and we can discuss all things about the challenge and long rides......preparation, nutrition, clothing, equipment, recovery etc, etc. Just hit the going button to register.