Rider Profile...

Nickname: Shey

Hometown: Sydney

The type of riding I do is...A roadie at heart with a desire to get more involved in MTB.

I am currently riding...S-Works Tarmac, but I always have girl, Ruby.

My favourite place to ride is...up far North in Sydney with loads of hills. My favourite ride if I had to pick would be McCarr's Creek with the Akuna Bay Loop but I do like to mix it up.

When I am not riding I am...finding more awesome tunes to add to my library, writing on my blog/tweaking my website participating in post-ride cafe park-ups (nothing better than the cyclist's second breakfast), getting creative with my graphic design projects, most likely contributing to my social media and tuning out to the world again watching another episode of How I Met Your mother for the thousandth time on Netflix.

I started riding because...I loved the way it felt riding, I loved the wind in my hair, the adrenaline coursing through me and adventuring through beautiful parts of Sydney I'd never seen. I loved how much I could accomplish on two wheels and the fact that I was taking control of my health, as I haven't always been a smaller girl. Riding a bike doesn't just add days to my life, it adds life to my days.

I love riding bike gives to me just as much as I give to it. I love looking at my overall journey in cycling and seeing how much I've grown in so many different ways. I love looking through photo's and remembering good times with great friends on awesome adventures. I love how much I've learnt about bikes and their complexities and helping others get started, watch them making such a positive change in their lives.


My favourite #HealthyCatchUp is...always dependent on the timing. I live for the weekend and riding out North with friends and having post-ride breakfasts and coffee at my favourite cafe Avenue Road in Mosman. During the week when I'm pressed for time and also in wet weather I love going to the Athlete Lab in Sydney with some of my favourite faces for an intense session to work on my cadence.

My favourite healthy snack home made coconut and berry chia puddings, carrots and celery with tzatziki and beetroot dip and I'm bananas for bananas!

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