Rider Profile...

Nickname: Row

Hometown: Perth #WestisBest

The type of riding I do is...Road, time trials and I just tried out mountain biking. I race my road bike a little bit here and there in criteriums and road races but I mostly love time trials and coffee rides.

I am currently riding...Specialized Amira and Ruze

My favourite place to ride is...I have a 100km loop in the Perth hills that I like, its got three nice climbs that you can settle in to with plenty of regroup points, water points and coffee options. It's nice as a group and its safe when you feel like a solo session to clear your head.

When I am not riding I am... trying to fit in a bikram yoga class, taking pictures of my cat, supporting my partner in his triathlete things, checking in on my mum, reading everything cycling related, making cake and watching all things super hero related.

I started riding because...I wanted to ride to and from work, I also thought that if I rode a bike a particular boy would like me more, I'm not sure where this logic came from but it got me on a bike and I haven't really been off it since.

I love riding because...of the friends you make, the people you meet, the places you go, the way you can challenge yourself, challenge others and inspire those around you. I like the feeling I get after putting in a really good training session and knowing that I hit my targets, other days I love riding to the coffee shop to meet a friend, if its duckling/cygnet season it's even better. It's helped me figure out who I am.

My favourite #HealthyCatchUp is...Bike ride and coffee, especially my Monday morning women's recovery ride in Perth.

My favourite healthy snack is...I really like watermelon and pineapple in summer, I try to chop it up immediately when I get home from the supermarket because it seems to be easier to eat if the prep is done.

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