#GOLONG - A reflection of going long and riding from Coast to Coast across Australia. 

On March 17th 2018 Purdie Long set out on a journey from Freemantle in Western Australia to Sydney. We caught up with Purdie shortly after her ride and got ourselves a little insight into what it was like on the road to Sydney:

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The Queens Of Spring 

Spring has sprung for the professional peloton over the other side in Europe and what a bang to the season it has been with several weekends of dramatic, action packed racing in some brutal conditions, and it's only the beginning...

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Words from within the peloton by Matilda Raynolds, featuring the recent Race Melbourne and Cadel Evans road races. Get a nice insight as to what went down throughout the race and detail beyond the sidelines. 

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Who is Grace Anderson? She is a kiwi up and comer who has recently turned heads with her performances this summer, up against some world class competition. The Auckland youngster has a big year ahead with Team Illuminate in the USA and we look forward to seeing her continue to progress and impress! Get to know a bit about Grace and her recent racing experiences here...



Take a look back at what was a very memorable Tour down Under and how the women involved shaped it into something pretty special.


Why I RIDE - By Lizzy Marsh 

Since the age of 10, riding bikes has been a constant in my life. I haven’t always ridden every week, nor have I competed at a high level in cycling or spent every weekend in the saddle. I haven’t always had the latest bike or fanciest gear, but cycling has always been there like an old friend.


Bike Riding after having a baby

Getting back out there and doing any form of exercise after having a baby can be pretty daunting; your body has just been through something pretty major, you have a tiny human completely reliant on you to stay alive and you might not have done too much cardio in the past few months. However, as an active person I think it’s really important on so many levels to make sure you get back out there as soon as you’re ready


A week in the life of Verita Stewart

This is Verita’s third year of racing with Specialized Women’s Racing. She is a strong constant member of the team and in the peloton she is a talented and dedicated domestique, who would do anything for her team mates. 
Read about a week in her life and how she prepares for a big race. 


Preparation and pushing your limits

Cassie is one of our amazing women's ambassadors, who has years of experience on the bike, racing competitively and riding socially. Here is her insight into preparation for a long distance charity ride. 


A week in the life of ella bloor

Growing up in the Southern Highlands, Ella was encouraged by her Dad to take up Mountain Biking. By 2010 she was finally convinced to swap horses for bikes & this saw the beginning of her cycling endeavours. Eventually the tyres got skinnier and the disciplines of road and track began to take over as she was accepted into the Illawarra Academy of Sport in 2012

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A week in the life of Lucy bechtel

She bought her first bike when she moved to Canberra from QLD to start a job as an economist with the Australian Government. It was a commuter bike, so that she could take up the challenge of riding through the sub-zero Canberra winter. Her competitive streak quickly came out when her commutes in hiking gear turned serious, she invested in lycra, joined Strava and so the commuter cup began.

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Introducing the specialized women's team

Check out the stunning gallery below taken of our Specialized Women's Racing Team by Paul Spurling
Stay tuned for an in-depth view on each of the team members coming in over the next few weeks, as we go behind the scenes of what a typical week looks like for a professional female cyclist.  Until then, grab a coffee and enjoy a taste of what is to come. 

Team Roster: Verita Stewart, Kate Perry, Lucy Betchel, Ella Door, Tayrn Heather, Sophie Mackay, Kate McIlroy, Madeline Writght. Supported by Liz Phillipou, Rebecca Domange and Zeke Ashworth

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Behind the scenes at santos women's tour down under

Specialized Women’s Racing is a domestic National Road Series Cycling Team. In January 2017 we were invited as a wild card entry to the UCI Santos Women’s Tour in Adelaide, South Australia. We were to be racing amongst 5 other domestic teams and 12 professional UCI cycling teams. What an invitation; we would be racing alongside the best cyclists in the world, including many of our idols!  

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Rider Essentials

Nothing is more exciting than #newbikeday but if it’s the first one in the collection – it’ll be an inauguration of a few other essential accessories as well.

Once the new bike is all ready to go and you’re set for all your adventures in tow there’s going to be a few items you’ll need to support your ride.


The best things you can do... for your bike.

How many times have you ridden through rain, sleet, wind, dirt, and road works or along the beaches, where salt grips to your bike like you hold your first coffee for the day. You finish your ride, congratulating oneself in the shower and you go about your day, all while your bike sits there disgusting, dripping from the weather, with a sweat crust building up, wreaking havoc on your bike.


The Basic Do's and Don'ts of Cycling

How many times have you sat down for a post ride coffee where conversation turns to dos and don’ts of cycling? There are so many unofficial “rules” that cyclists live by that it is hard to keep up. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, it’s always good to brush up, choose to follow the rules… or break them… it’s up to you!