Rider Profile...

Nickname: Lizzy

Hometown: Melbourne

The type of riding I do is...Road riding.

I am currently riding...Specialized Amira

My favourite place to ride is...Absolute favourite - Mount Shasta in Northern California. Amazing climbs!

Around home, I love the Dandenongs, Beach Rd, Kinglake

When I am not riding I am... Teaching strength and conditioning classes at the gym that I own with my brother, fly fishing and camping with my partner Tim or heading to the beach for a surf or swim.
In the city, I love going to a yoga class or getting out on the bike with friends.

I started riding because...I was introduced to road cycling when I was about 11 years old and Dad taught me how to tuck into his draft. I couldn't believe how fast I could go! Getting on the
bikes (especially hill climbing) because part of our family holidays and weekend adventures.

I love riding's incredibly smooth and fast. I love the social aspect - it's the perfect way to hang out with friends while sweating and getting sunshine. I also love how much distance 
you can travel on a bike! Such a great way to explore new places.

My favourite #HealthyCatchUp is...A long, flat ride with a group of friends, followed by delicious coffee and a big Breakfast! I love riding along beach road or the coast and finishing the ride with a water wading walk.

My favourite healthy snack is...A smoothie with frozen berries and a clean protein powder, homemade bliss balls or anything eggs!

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