Rider Profile...

Nickname: Let

Hometown: Buderim

The type of riding I do is...Triathlon and road riding

I am currently riding...S-Works Amira

My favourite place to ride is...Do I have to pick just one!? I love a long ride that goes up into the mountains, with a scattering of little coffee shops and cafes along the way. Though I also love riding along the coast, in particular around Kings Beach in Caloundra. Riding along the Esplanade there is such a treat, especially when the whales are migrating! You can see the whales playing with their young, breaching and dancing in the mornings sunrise. Simply magical!

When I am not riding I am...I love riding my bike, swimming and running. In my spare time, I enjoy writing blogs for my website called The Pink Bidon. This is a forum which explores the quirks, skills and knowledge of riding a bike through the understanding eye of a fellow female cycling enthusiast.

Other things that I love to do include lazing around on the beach with my boyfriend, throwing a stick for my dog Molly, cooking and baking.

I started riding because...A couple of years ago I injured my knee while running. I was scared of losing fitness, so I 'borrowed' my little brothers road bike one weekend to try it out, and returned it a year later after I bought my own bike. Unfortunately by that stage he had outgrown his bike and replaced it, opps!

I love riding because...Beautiful crisp mornings. Being outside exploring the world. Keeping fit and healthy. Setting and achieving goals. Meeting new people. Talking with friends. And most importantly, the post-ride coffees.

My favourite #HealthyCatchUp is...My favourite healthy catch up would have to be going for a ride and then finishing off with post ride breaky or coffee before heading home and going to work. Best way to start the day!

My favourite healthy snack is...My favourite post ride healthy snack would be a banana smoothie. A banana smoothie with the perfect consistency, nice and thick, not too much ice, and heaps of banana! Yum!

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