Rider Profile...

Hometown: Canberra

The type of riding I do is...everything. I spend about equal time in the saddle on both the road and single track, but I spend the most time commuting to and from work and everywhere in between (often with my 2.5 year old daughter in tow).

I am currently riding...Specialized Era and Specialized Amira. Although I only very recently upgraded from my original, very old bikes. You don't need to be on the top end gear to start out and enjoy cycling!

My favourite place to ride is...Unfortunately my favourite trail, the Snake Track has recently been demolished due to logging in the Mogo State Forest. Right outside my back door is Mt Stromlo where I've spent many hours of fun grinding to the top and taking the numerous flowy trails down to the bottom.

When I am not riding I am... either climbing, hiking, skiing or snowboarding. At home I spend time cooking food for my family as we made a commitment for 2016 to limit any processed food to my husband's staple food - cheese. This has required a little more planning and preparation, but has been much more manageable than I expected. I have also recently planted a kitchen garden so I am enjoying the challenges (and fruits) from this.

I started riding because...I realised that I could get to my University in less time on a bike than by taking the bus. I haven't looked back since and still ride to work every day rain, hail or shine (or snow!). When I moved to Canberra I discovered mountain biking with friends, and made the daunting decision to get a road bike and join in with some bunch rides.

I love riding's the best way to get from A to B and there is always something different to see. I love the mental challenge that mountain biking gives me (I'm scared of most obstacles first go round), and the fact that I can physically push myself as hard as I possibly can on the road.

My favourite #HealthyCatchUp is...meeting up with our friends and all of the kids to go for a hike, a ski or a swim at the local river. However the best catch up is when we organise to tag-team the babysitting so everyone can have a turn to hit the single track.

My favourite healthy snack is... 'icecream'. My daughter and I have recently been experimenting with frozen banana 'icecream'. Despite our best attempts with mango, raspberries and plums, our favourite is still raw cacao.

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