Rider Profile...

Nickname: Hel

Hometown: Coffs Harbour

The type of riding I do is...track (training), road (social/training), mountain (social/racing/skills/instruction/exploring/feeling the fear and doing it anyway)

I am currently riding...S-Works Era and a Langster

My favourite place to ride is...anywhere there is fresh air, no traffic noise and a choice of sweet singletracks with fun berms among trees, mild climbs and fast descents! I have been to ride the trails in Rotorua and I am keen to return there and do some more exploring and push my fear a little further!

When I am not riding I am...at work trying not to think about the day I am missing outside, or at home planning my next ride with friends. This year I am going to concentrate strongly on my fitness, friendships, family and fun. I really enjoy being creative and dreaming up my next project - be it sewing, drawing, designing and painting. I also enjoy travel and enjoy putting together holiday plans for myself and my family.

I started riding because...it involved having fun with most of my family and after a bout of cancer it started my new life appreciating my surroundings whilst at the same time becoming fitter and healthier both physically and mentally.

I love riding because...I know I am getting faster, stronger, fitter, more confident, staying young (haha) and meeting HEAPS of other riders. That's the best part actually - Friendships!

My favourite #HealthyCatchUp is...early Friday morning road ride with a group of local ladies. We ride for 90 minutes then finish with a coffee and chat before work. Despite the 5am start, I look forward to this part of my week and believe it's important not to feel bad if I'm just too tired to go. It's the end of the week and there's always the weekend to catch up!

My favourite healthy snack is...Ummm is cheese healthy!? Cheese is my obsession! However when I'm riding nothing beats a Torq sundried banana bar to chomp on while I'm out riding socially.

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