Rider Profile...

Nickname: Fi

Hometown: Sydney

The type of riding I do is...mostly mountain biking but I also commute on my road bike and attend indoor WattBike classes.

I am currently riding...2016 S-Works Camber, 2015 Specialized Enduro Expert Carbon and a Diverge

My favourite place to ride local trails - Manly Dam and the extensions provided to it by the relatively new trails in Garigal National Park. I feel very lucky that this is on my doorstep and can vary the ride so I never tire of it. Further afield, my current favourite riding holiday destination is Rotorua, New Zealand.

When I am not riding I am...researching weekend or holiday destinations to ride my bike with my partner and our friends! I have to admit I am fairly singletrack minded ... but can also be found in the gym 2-3 times a week, and in winter I'll drop everything to head to the Snowies to snowboard when the conditions are good.

I started riding because...a friend suggested I buy a mountain bike. I'd always owned a bike, getting dirty in the great outdoors sounded like fun (my home at the time was the UK - so getting muddy was a given!), and I'm always keen to try new things. I've now been in love with mountain biking for 20 years.

I love riding has connected me to an amazing community of people. I feel that I could go virtually anywhere in the world and instantly find friends through mountain biking.

My favourite #HealthyCatchUp is...a mountain bike ride with friends where the focus is not the distance traveled but the quality of the trails and the fun shared experiencing them ... when there are no time constraints and a 11km lap of Manly Dam takes 3 hours because of the chatting and sessioning and photo taking. Ideally this is followed by pizza :-)

My favourite healthy snack breakfast smoothie. It's pretty simple - fruit, nuts, yoghurt, spinach, oats, and almond milk but it's delicious and quick to consume when you're heading straight out to the gym or for a ride!

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