Rider Profile...

Nickname: Cassie or Cass

Hometown: Brisbane

The type of riding I do is...I am definitely a roadie, but I love hitting the trails too!

I am currently riding...S-Works Amira

My favourite place to ride is...This is such a tough one! I love the riding around the Sunshine Coast; you get the best of both the rain forest and the beach in a 40km loop. At home my favourite trails are at Gap Creek in the Mt Cootha forest, however the best place I have ridden my MTB so far has to be Mt Buller.

When I am not riding I am... When I am not riding I am working as an exercise physiologist, reading a book, exploring somewhere on foot or doing some cross training in the gym. I enjoy spending time with friends and family as well, but most of those catch ups are while out being active.

I started riding because...I started riding because some kids at school said I should give triathlon a go, so I did and enjoyed it. I always enjoyed the cycle leg the most and my love of riding developed from there.

I love riding because...I love riding because its challenging and it gives you a sense of freedom and adventure when you explore new places that are hard to see elsewhere.  I love the sense of achievement when you have mastered the skill, or climb or obstacle that you've been working on for ages. I also love how social riding is.

My favourite #HealthyCatchUp is...All of them! The concept is amazing and something I use on a daily basis, whether it be a walking meeting or a run to catch up with a friend!

My favourite healthy snack is...Frozen grapes...odd I know!

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