A week in the life of Ella Bloor


Monday 6th Feb - Sunday 12th Feb 2017

Southern Highlands, NSW

 Who is Ella?

Growing up in the Southern Highlands, Ella was encouraged by her Dad to take up Mountain Biking. By 2010 she was finally convinced to swap horses for bikes & this saw the beginning of her cycling endeavours. Eventually the tyres got skinnier and the disciplines of road and track began to take over as she was accepted into the Illawarra Academy of Sport in 2012.

Ella finished school in 2013 and was accepted into the University of Sydney to study a Bachelor of Design & Architecture and struggled with the adjustment from school to university. A new coach at the end of 2015 saw the beginnings of improved results where she was able to obtain podiums and numerous top 10 finishes throughout the 2016 NRS season. Ella’s most recent podium was 3rd in the U23 Time Trial Nationals.

When not studying full time at University, Ella works part time at the Rapha Cycle Club in Surry Hills. She divides her time between Sydney during the University semesters, home in the Southern Highlands and her boyfriend Ayden’s home in Canberra.



The alarm went off at 4:45am, I need to be in Sydney by 7am for work! The choice to move back home during the University break was easy (as I would be saving money as I didn’t have to pay rent), but commuting back to Sydney, in Sydney traffic, for a morning shift is not my idea of fun. No bike riding for me today because Monday is my rest day. I usually have the same thing everyday for breakfast… muesli, yoghurt and berries/mango/banana. Nothing too fancy, but very delicious and nutritious. Before I knew it my workday was over. My day was made 100x better because my boyfriend Ayden returned home from racing the Herald Sun Tour today. We treated ourselves to pizza and a movie out, so bedtime was a little later than usual, well after 11PM!


Today there was no alarm! I was only woken up by the heavy rainfall, which is always a lovely sound. It was pretty cruisy morning today, Ayden and I went out for a nice breakfast at a local cafe in Bowral. Unusual for me, I had a brown rice pudding with seasonal fruits, nuts and coconut. I procrastinated riding all day, and in the end decided to do the local club race. It was a 40km ride out to the start, all in the rain! There were only 15-20 people across the 4 grades, but I still had the best afternoon! It was this exact course where my cycling began all those years ago and it was the perfect refresher I needed after a busy summer of cycling.


No alarm again for me today. It was another wet day outside, so an indoors session on my Shiv time trial bike was on the cards. I had to do 3 x 15 minute Time Trial efforts which was cadence focused, I had to build my power and cadence every 5 minutes. This session was quite a shock to the system, as I hadn’t done TT efforts since my build up before Nationals in January. After that session I secretly enjoyed studying my power from the day, having had quite a few relaxing days of low to no training after such a hectic summer of cycling.


I had 2.5 hours of endurance riding scheduled today, which I can fit in at any time. Ayden has had a few days off the bike so it was nice to have him join me for some company for a bit of the ride. I did a loop around Qlenquarry, which goes along Range Road through Bowral in the Southern Highlands. It’s truly a spectacular part of the world. I then met Ayden and continued out to Berrima, Moss Vale and coming back through town along the bike path (the very bike path that I had a good face plant on a few years back). The rest of the day I spent nutting out some logistics for the University semester ahead - applying for apartments and sorting out my timetable.


Fridays are for recovery to be fresh for the weekends training. I woke up around 7am and enjoyed a nice few hours spinning the legs where we finished at the coffee shop and treated ourselves out to breakfast; of course to keep with tradition I had muesli, berries, yoghurt. It’s always a good day for chores; car cleaning, lawn mowing, a bit of a core workout & my ‘reco’ day was over. I’ve been enjoying cooking over the summer, and trying new things. Dinner tonight was sweet potato and zucchini fritters accompanied with a fresh green salad.


A day for the alarm! Woken with a shock at 5:30am, I had to get my morning ride in before work. The most time efficient way for me to this session is on the indoor trainer, training consisted of 2 x 20 minute TT efforts with surges every 4 minutes. An hour and a half later, a lot of sweat and the session was done. I have to be at work in Sydney at 10:30am, so it was a quick turn around to get on the road by 8:30am to make the commute to Sydney (questioning why I made this move). It was a very hot day at work on my feet because Sydney was experiencing a heat wave, not the best recovering method. I got home at about 7:45pm, before heading out for dinner with my Dad and younger sister. A perfect way to end a busy day.


Today I had a few solo hours to do on the bike, so I set an alarm for 6am! A nice big breakfast of the usual muesli, berries and yoghurt then I was on my way. After a busy day yesterday I set out for four enjoyable solo hours on the bike. The highlight was descending down into Kangaroo Valley where I saw an Orica kit coming up the other way. Thinking it was Caleb Ewan, who is also a local to these parts, I got way too excited, only to be disappointed to find it was a middle aged man in lycra (MAML) who had purchased the entire Orica Scott kit! The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the couch and preparing for the week ahead. In the evening I went to my mums house for dinner, not a late night though because the alarm was set for 4:30am Monday morning.

Interesting stats for the week:

Hours of training: 12 hours 20 minutes

Kilometers ridden: 330 kms

Bananas consumed: 2

Hours worked: 16


What kind of rider are you? Sprinter, Climber, all rounder? I think my strengths are climbing and time trialling.

Where is your favorite place to ride? Definitely at home in the Southern Highlands. I’m lucky enough to have grown up here, where I’m absolutely spoilt for choice in riding terrain.

What are you training for this year? My main targets this year would be the Time Trial’s, including Nationals and Oceania’s. I’m also focusing on having a strong domestic season, where I hope to see some top 10’s in the National Road Series.

How do you keep a work life balance? Chocolate!

Where is your favourite cafe for a #healthycatchup? 100% Station House in Mittagong, NSW! I’ve known the staff there for years, AND they do the best muffins on earth.

What is your coffee order? Hmmm, I like to mix it up between cappuccinos, piccolos and the odd hot chocolate! I like to be a bit spur of the moment.

You can follow Ella @ella.bloor